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Tuesday 28th May 2019
Men - Thames Valley Summer League
20:00South Berkshire v Reading 2 @ Reading HC (Water)BHUAConrad Hall, Hugh Rogers (umpires) Graeme Cooke (umpire coach)
Women - Oxfordshire Summer A
18:30Banbury v Oxford Hawks D (SL) @ Banbury Road North (Top)OHUAJacqui Barlow, Simon Hardman, Andy Gwinn (umpires) Huw Richards (umpire coach)
20:00Oxford C (SL) v Witney @ Banbury Road North (Top)OHUAAndy Barber, Michiel Knaapen, Donovan Rothman (umpires) Huw Richards (umpire coach)
Women - Oxfordshire Summer B
18:30Oxford D (SL) v Bicester @ Banbury Road North (Near)OHUASophia Kucan, Andy Mills-Hicks, Andy Stalker (umpires) Colin Toms (umpire coach)
20:00Wallingford v Thame @ Banbury Road North (Near)OHUAJoseph Ottaway, Donovan Rothman, Michiel Knaapen (umpires) Andy Stalker (assessor)
Colin Toms (umpire coach)
Thursday 30th May 2019
Men - Thames Valley Summer League
20:05Newbury and Thatcham v Henley @ Reading HC (Water)BHUASimon Milford, Kevin O'Linn (umpires)
18:45Reading 3 v Maidenhead @ Reading HC (Water)BHUASimon Milford, Huw Richards (umpires)

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