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Tuesday 24th September 2019
Men - Friendly Matches
20:00Reading 2 v Henley @ Reading HCBHUAConrad Hall, Huw Richards (umpires)
Wednesday 25th September 2019
Women - Half Day Tournament - Schools U12
10:00St. Edward's School (SL) v Various GDST Schools @ St. Edward's SchoolOHUAJacqui Barlow, Richard Bartlett, Mark Cumming, Mike Vince (umpires)
Women - BHA Tournament - U18
12:00Berkshire Schools v Berkshire Schools @ Bradfield CollegeBHUASimon Milford, Kevin O'Linn, Martyn Shuttler, Alan Wade (umpires)
Saturday 28th September 2019
Men - MBBO Regional One
11:00Newbury and Thatcham v Ashford @ Henwick WorthyBHUAConrad Hall, Huw Richards (umpires) Karen Daffey (assessor)
Reading 2 v Reading 3 @ Reading HCUmpires not provided by Berkshire HUA
Men - MBBO Regional Two
Reading 4 v Sonning @ Reading HCUmpires not provided by Berkshire HUA
Men - MBBO Division One
Maidenhead 2 v Bicester @ Altwood SchoolUmpires not provided by Berkshire HUA
11:30Phoenix and Ranelagh v Henley 2 @ Reading University Sports ParkBHUAPhil Hills, Kevin O'Linn (umpires)
Sonning 2 v Oxford University 3 @ Berkshire County Sports ClubUmpires not provided by Berkshire HUA
Men - MBBO Division Three
Buckingham v Banbury 3 @ Stowe School
Women - South Premier Division Three A
10:00Buckingham 2 v West Hampstead @ Stowe SchoolOHUAMichael Corran, Tim Dudgeon (umpires)
10:30Milton Keynes v Reading 3 @ Woughton Playing FieldsOHUAPaul Berry, Mike Vince, Martyn Shuttler (umpires)
12:00Wycombe v Hampstead and Westminster 3 @ Wycombe High SchoolBHUALaurence Kimberley, Rik Temmink (umpires)
Women - Trysports Premier One
14:30Amersham and Chalfont 2 v Slough 2 @ Amersham and Wycombe CollegeBHUAMarc Bransby, Jim Chadbourne (umpires)
11:30Aylesbury v Oxford Hawks 3 @ Aylesbury Vale AcademyOHUAKim O'Leary, Jerry Unsworth, Mike Vince (umpires)
11:45Marlow 2 v South Berkshire @ Marlow Sports ClubBHUADawn Collis, Karen McKinnon (umpires)
14:00Newbury and Thatcham v Maidenhead 2 @ Henwick WorthyBHUADavid Lumsden, Alan Wade (umpires)
13:00Oxford 2 v Henley 2 @ Oxford Brookes UniversityOHUADavid Hughes, Donovan Rothman (umpires)
11:45Wallingford v Banbury @ Wallingford Sports ParkOHUAJohn Burdett, Dave Settle (umpires)
Women - Trysports Premier Two
11:30Oxford 3 v Marlow 3 @ Oxford Brookes UniversityOHUADavid Hughes, Donovan Rothman (umpires)
14:00Oxford Hawks 4 v Sonning 2 @ Banbury Road North (Top)OHUAMichael Corran, Tim Dudgeon (umpires)
13:00Phoenix and Ranelagh v Thame @ Reading University Sports ParkBHUAAngela Bowler, Andy Parsons (umpires)
12:30Witney 2 v South Berkshire 2 @ Wood Green SchoolOHUAJacqui Barlow, Hatty Wood (umpires)
15:00Wycombe 2 v Reading Rockets @ Wycombe High SchoolBHUAMark Rutherford, Stephen Smyth (umpires)

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